4 Outlet - Honda - 3.5 GPM up to 1000 PSI

Hydrostatic Fire Hose Tester, designed to safely test fire hose up to 6 inch in diameter. Four independently controlled outlets, and a large 2 & 1/2" swivel inlet, to quickly fill and bleed lines for testing. The FH-2H fire hose tester, meets testing standards as set forth in the NFPA (1962.7) and the RMA.Hydrostatic Test Pump, 4 Outlet Fire Hose Tester. Triplex Plunger. The FH-2H 3.5 GPM up to 1000 PSI
  • Shown with Honda engine,OHV, oil alert
  • All units enclosed in a Rugged Steel Rollcage
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